What is refurbished equipment?

¿Qué son los equipos reacondicionados?
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Benefits of choosing refurbished equipment

Many people don’t know what a refurbished product or refurbished equipment is and tend to think of it as second-hand equipment put back on the market. But that definition is not entirely correct. We explain the differences between second-hand and refurbished equipment and their advantages and disadvantages. Stay tuned!

Refurbished computer equipment “Refurbished Computers”.

Refurbished equipment is a term used to designate those electronic equipments that are not new but have been totally restored by a specialised company and have the opportunity of a second life with 100% of their functionalities.

Some of the products to be refurbished come from:

– Products used in displays
– Returned by the customer within the established period.
– That have been removed from their packaging and returned to the shop unused.
– Factory or aesthetic defects
– Open or defective packaging
– Used

Advantages of reconditioned equipment vs. second hand

Price and the environment

The quickest answer we found is the financial savings: you can save up to 70% on a refurbished device compared to a new one. But that’s not the only advantage: the environment is also a major beneficiary, as choosing a refurbished device helps to conserve the environment by not contributing to the increase of electronic landfills in underdeveloped countries like Ghana and by taking a device off the production line.

And wait for it! Those aren’t the only advantages – let’s find out more!


Quality is one of the big advantages, as this is high-end equipment that has been little used. All Mercado IT refurbished equipment undergoes rigorous performance tests, testing and quality controls before being put back on sale. Mercado IT International sets the highest quality standards.


While with second-hand equipment we cannot know exactly how it has been treated and the state in which we are going to receive it, with reconditioned equipment we know exactly the state of the equipment we are acquiring, as it is classified by Grades (veteran, correct, good condition and as new). In addition to the confidence generated by the brand that reconditions them, like us ECO PC, they also have a 2-year guarantee, 14-day return and rigorous quality controls and testing by professionals.

For example, in countries such as the USA, many states oblige schools and official institutions to buy this type of product, in Sweden the price of VAT has been lowered to stimulate their consumption, and in Europe and Spain, guidelines and incentives are beginning to be applied to encourage their purchase. All are advantages!

In short, this is an alternative with which you can enjoy a high-performance computer and top brands at a very affordable price, which meet the highest demands of quality and performance.


Join the refurbished revolution!

ECO PC. Quality, savings and ethics.

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