Electronic waste from IT equipment can be a good resource as a raw material by reusing it, as it cannot be returned to nature. And the waste that is discarded contributes to the growth of notorious e-waste dumps in poorer countries such as Ghana, Egypt, Senegal and others.

The World Economic Fund cites that we generate a record 53.6 million tons of electronic waste and estimates that by 2025 we will reach 120 million tons.

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That is why at ECO PC we have opted for a revolution in reconditioned equipment. We get computer equipment from leading brands that are going to be discarded and we recondition them so that their functionality is as if they were new and we give them a second chance. In this way, we reduce the CO2 footprint of our planet and help to minimise the impact on electronic landfills.

We select and classify our equipment according to its aesthetic grade. Veteran - Correct - Good condition and As new. So you choose the computer that best suits your needs. The reconditioned computers marketed by ECO PC have a 2-year guarantee as if they were new.

Join the refurbished revolution! Quality, savings and ethics.