Which laptop to buy to study at university, by careers and budget?

¿Qué portátil comprar para estudiar en la universidad, por carreras y presupuesto?
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We have the perfect laptop for your grade!

If you are in college, you may be evaluating the purchase of a cheap laptop that fits your budget and is suitable for your career.

A great alternative to get the best value for money computers is to choose refurbished laptops. But you may be wondering… What are refurbished laptops? They are laptops that have been used very little and belonged to exhibitions and large companies that are constantly changing equipment, and whose life cycle is still very long. These laptops are refurbished and after being checked, tested and/or repaired in exhaustive quality controls by the ECO PC team, they are as good as new and ready to perform at 100%, with a 2-year guarantee!

And if it is not clear to you, take a look at our article on refurbished equipment.



Social sciences, humanities and health sciences degrees.

If you are a student of a humanities, social sciences or health sciences degree, you will need a computer that has no problems processing texts, elaborating tables and graphs, using spreadsheets and surfing the Internet fluently.

Although these are not tasks that require powerful computers, the hardware must be prepared to perform multitasking, as it will be common to perform several operations simultaneously.

A good ratio between battery life and lightness will be key to be able to study comfortably in different scenarios, such as the classroom or the library.


Consequently, these are the best laptops for students in careers such as Business Administration, Laws or Economics:

The Dell Latitude 3380 is a great value for money laptop.

It has a spill-resistant sealed keyboard, rubberized edges and drop protection.

Its 180° hinge allows the computer to lie flat, making it easy to share the screen in groups.

With an Intel Core I5-7200U 2.50 GHZ processor8 GB of RAM and 256 SSD hard drive no task will resist you.


The Lenovo Thinkpad YOGA 260 is a wonderful refurbished laptop. It has high performance and great power. Ideal to take it from one place to another because it is very light and fits anywhere.

It’s a 2-in-1 laptop! It has a touch screen that turns into tablet or stand mode depending on the task you want to develop.

It has 8GB of RAM memory installed, and at ECO PC we give you the option to expand it up to 16GB of RAM.

Its Intel Core I5-6300U 2.40 GHz processor will allow you to enjoy an impeccable performance.



Technical degrees such as engineering or architecture, design, editing or post-production.

These careers are more demanding. Normally we will need a powerful laptop with a dedicated graphics card to work with Motion Graphics, 3D Design, Autocad, Revit, Solid Works, Adobe Photoshop or Premiere among others.

When working with the RAM and the graphics card at the maximum, the energy consumption will be higher, so a good battery is also necessary.

As for the screen, the viewing angle and sharpness will be the key aspects to properly develop the needs of such careers.


These are our recommendations for powerful laptops at a good price:

The HP Zbook 17 G3 is a cheap powerful laptop with high performance, very functional and powerful.

It has a high performance with its Intel Core I5-6440HQ 2.60 GHZ 6th generation processor.

RAM memory of 8 GB expandable to 16 and 256 SSD hard drive expandable to 480.

Ideal for those looking for a good value for money.


The HP Zbook 15 G4 is a Workstation with an elegant and compact design. 

Its Intel I7-7700U 2.80 GHZ processor, belonging to Intel’s high-end, offers great performance and power.

It has 16GB of RAM expandable up to 64, and a 256 SSD hard drive expandable up to 960 SSD.



Do you need a laptop and a desktop at the same time?

Now that you know the ideal options for your career, you may be thinking that you need a desktop and a laptop to adapt to the demands of your degree, with the increased outlay that entails. The solution? A Docking Station.

Click here and you will find our refurbished Docking Station at the best price.


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