FREE shipping all over Europe from €500 of order! And you will receive it within 3 to 7 working days. Not counting holidays, which we also rest.

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2 year warranty included, extendable to 3 years! ECOPC is the company with the highest warranty in the reconditioning market. Why? Because we do things so well that we know you won't have any problems. We are confident in our work and our products. And if there is a problem, our after-sales team is super friendly and will help you with whatever you need. What if you have a problem with your equipment? We will pick it up, repair or replace it. The warranty covers any hardware failure of the equipment from the date of purchase. Software faults that the user has installed on the computer equipment, once you have received your order, and causes any failure in the normal operation of the equipment, will not be included in the warranty. You can extend your warranty to 3 years for only 49,95€.

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You have 30 days to try it! Are you sure you want to return it? You have time to try the equipment, if you are not convinced you can return it, but... it is so good and its price is so irresistible that you will keep it. Unless you want a different model or features, we'll exchange it!


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We make it super mega easy for you! Bank transfer, card, bizum and in instalments. You have no excuse not to keep your equipment.


For bank transfer you will receive instructions when you place your order.


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Battery capacity is the basis for our quality checks! We check the batteries of every piece of equipment to ensure that they meet our quality standard. And what is that? That it has a capacity of around 80%, as if it were new, which is great! Battery life may vary depending on the use you make of the equipment. Using it to write a document is not the same as using it to play music or watch your favourite series.

Very little! The equipment comes from exhibitions, leasing and renting, from large companies that change or update their equipment frequently. They have very little use, you will see that they are as good as new, why would we throw away something that works perfectly? Buy a refurbished one! It still has a long life left in it.

Of course it does! ll our devices come with their charger and operating system installed. In other words, you receive it ready to use.

What if we told you! First of all, they are professional equipment from top brands. They have been used very little so they have a long life left. We check them one by one, with a hadware system and by hand. We check them at different checkpoints and exhaustively.


The 3 commandments that all products must fulfil:

  1. The battery. Always honour a capacity of around 80%. If it doesn't, we use it for parts.

  2. The screen. You will not see faults in the screen unless they are indicated in the product announcement.

  3. The components. Each and every component will work. If any component fails, we will publish it as OUTLET at a discounted price.


Most of our equipments are customizable, if you want a specific model but you need more RAM or Disk, you will have the visible option to make it happen.

Remember! The outside doesn't matter, whatever they are, all our equipment has a 2 year warranty and a perfectly working interior. Depending on the condition of the device you buy, you will know if it has small damages due to use or if it is an untouched device.

Second hand, used, pre-owned and reconditioned. It looks the same but it isn't! You've probably asked yourself this question hundreds of times, but no, it's not the same thing, we'll explain it to you!

The main difference between a second-hand computer and a refurbished one is that the latter has undergone a rigorous process of revision and improvement that guarantees its quality and optimal functioning. Refurbished devices are checked by computer experts and they make sure that everything is working properly before they are sold. In addition, we know how the equipment has been used and offer a 2 year warranty and outstanding technical support. So breathe easy and trust that it will be the best investment of your life.

Hello distributor friend! We have the best rates for you. Our prices and conditions will make your mouth water. If you want to register and become part of our family, register as a distributor and enjoy! To register as a reseller we need you to register first and then send us by email ([email protected]) the following documentation: updated IAE model, reseller certificate, intra-community VAT number or similar. If you wish to make purchases without VAT, we will need your VAT exemption certificate or taxable person certificate.

If you are an educational centre, you are in luck! 

We have the best rates for you and a technical support for ever.

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