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Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day when online retailers offer the best discounts of the year. It originates in the United States and is always the day after Thanksgiving Day. It kicks off the Christmas shopping season, as at no other time of the year is it possible to find so many bargains and many people shop early to save money for gifts. During the event, shops, usually in the technology, electronics and computer sectors, offer irresistible discounts and deals. Black Friday is already fully consolidated in Spain, as it is a tradition that we imported in 2012 and that year after year we celebrate with greater excitement.

When is Black Friday 2023: Day and Date

Black Friday 2023 will be on Friday 24 November. But at ECOPC we are doing Black Week and we are extending it by a week so that everyone has time to shop and we don't collapse 🤯. So for one week you can benefit from thousands of real and exclusive offers. And if you're thinking about it... No! We don't raise our prices before and we don't offer missing offers. We are fair and transparent.

The best Black Friday 2023 deals

We are in full swing for the next Black Friday, selecting the top sellers and most desired products on our website to put them at a super bargain price. Every year we aim to exceed your expectations! A Black Week like never before. We know that everyone is looking forward to this day, and we don't want to disappoint you. That's why at ECOPC we are preparing an avalanche of offers on our refurbished computer equipment.

One day? No! One week Black Week!

Our big Black Friday party will be on Friday 24 November 2023. But, at ECOPC we extend it and make it Black Week, the truth is that only one day of super offers is not enough.

Real deals! We are fair and transparent

We are not a marketplace, we upload and price the products. That's why we can guarantee that the offers are real. At ECOPC we are totally transparent with our customers.

Cyber Monday 2023, the perfect antidote to the hangover of Black Friday

Don't forget that our Cyber Monday 2023 will be on Monday 27th November, the Monday after Black Friday. We'll be kicking off the week with amazing deals that, like every year, will lead into Christmas. If you want to save on your gifts, sign up by submitting your email address and we will send all the offers to your inbox.

And now, let's take a look at the history and origins of Black Friday:

History and Origin of Black Friday

Black Friday is a tradition celebrated in the United States on the day after Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Although its origin is uncertain, there are several theories as to how it came about.

One theory is that the term "Black Friday" originated in Philadelphia in the 1960s, where police used the term to describe the chaos that ensued the day after Thanksgiving, when large numbers of tourists and shoppers thronged the city's streets. At that time, local merchants would take the opportunity to offer deep discounts and promotions to attract customers.

Another theory holds that the term refers to the practice of retailers recording their accounts in the red (losses) or in the black (profits) depending on the sales achieved. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, many shops would achieve so many sales that they would go from being in the red to being in the black, hence the term "Black Friday".

As the popularity of Black Friday grew, many shops began to offer deep discounts and promotions to attract customers. Today, Black Friday has become one of the most important shopping events of the year, with many shops offering discounts and promotions both online and in their physical shops.

3 questions about the event

Here are some of the most frequent questions that consumers have.

Are Black Friday deals really a good deal?

At ECOPC we strive to make sure they are. Within the fluctuation that these types of products undergo, we promise to make real offers. But we always recommend the importance of doing your research beforehand to compare prices and be sure that the offer is really a good deal.

Is it safe to shop online during Black Friday?

Yes, you need to be careful where you shop online. At ECOPC we are an established online shop that offers online confidence to our consumers. It is important to shop only on trusted and secure websites, and not to click on suspicious links or phishing emails. It is also important to use a secure credit card and to verify that the site has an SSL certificate before entering any personal information.

Can I return products purchased during Black Friday?

Most shops have special return policies for Black Friday, but we do not. You have the same guarantee and return policy as always. 30 days to try it out

Cyber Monday 2023 

After the Black Friday hangover... Cyber Monday is here!

Cyber Monday is an important day for online technology shops, as it is an opportunity for consumers to buy technology products at reduced prices. Many online technology shops offer discounts and promotions on products such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs and other electronics.

In some cases, Cyber Monday discounts may be even more attractive than those offered during Black Friday, as the focus of Cyber Monday is on online shopping. Many online technology shops also offer free shipping on their products on this day, making it even more attractive to consumers.